intitation1Sant Jentiram Bapa had been initiated by his Sadguru Hariram Bapa in Naam-Vachan (Guru Mantra) at Ghunada, Jamnagar in the year (as per Hindu calendar) Vikram Samvat 2032 Chaitra Sud 9 (Ram Navmi Festival) and he thereafter devoted his life in Seva of his Sadguru Sat Hariram Bapa. He is a Karmi Bhakt (industrious devotee). Sadguru Hariram Bapa took Samadhi on 26th January 1995 at Ghunada.

His Sadguru gave Aadesh (Order) in March 1990 to give Naam-Vachan (Guru-Mantra, Updesh-Bodh) to those who are seeking guidance for their Spiritual Journey (Aadhyatmik Yatra) towards total freedom (Moksha).

intitation2As per his Sadguru’s wish (Aagna) and Blessings and being a messenger, he initiates his desirous devotees with ‘Naam-Vachan’ (Guru Mantra) and by giving simple suggestions to be followed in their life style for their Spiritual progress. The purpose of initiating devotees with ‘Naam Vachan’ is to make them pursue self-realisation and actually experiencing it by understanding ‘NijPanth’ (Aatma Dharma).

His quiet, undisturbed love for his Sadguru Hariram Bapa which rises beyond all borders, religion, race and reason. This makes him universally revered and respected, for he has a heart wherein the whole world can live.


A person offering himself for the initiation into ‘Naam-Vachan’ is called ‘Vachani’ (Gurumukhi) and group of such devotees is known as ‘Sat Pariwar’ Vachani’s greet other warmly by word ‘Je Bhagwan!’ and a hello word among Vachani’s is ‘SadguruPranam!’


Sant Jentiram Bapa tirelessly spreads his Sadguru’s message of ‘Guru Dharma’ to maximum number of people around the world to fulfil his beloved Sadguru’s wish/Aagna

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