Need of Sadguru

Need of Sadguru

Each individual is destined to be librated and has a natural urge to reach upon that state, the state of total understanding of life. One passes through a life according to his past acts and thoughts (Law of Karma) and in the same way shapes his future life according to the present living.

Though, the law of destiny is true, one is not prevented from receiving the Sadguru’s help. This is true for the majority of human beings. The day a person comes in contact with a librated person, he starts being elevated in his spiritual life and awakens higher and higher thereafter. A Sadguru in a way defies the destiny and puts one on the path of seeking and self-realization. This spiritual elevation is a sheer gift from the existence through a Sadguru. Who is the embodiment of divinity.

One does not experience this sudden inner elevation only by reading books or practicing some intellectual or physical exercises. It is only the meeting of a Sadguru, (a realized soul) that works and nothing else. A seeker may read many books, gather lot many information, go through mental exercises and may sharpen his intellect and logical capacities, but all these do not bring about an iota of inner understanding. Spirituality is all about living and not a matter of analysis, conclusions and all verbal battle about it.

In the world of spirit/religion one is to be like ace player who plays the game facing all challenges on the play ground, and not like an expert commentator who has better and deft analytical ability about the game but can’t play it.

In spite of our studying the books, gathering information and speaking eloquently on spiritual matters, we are awfully deficient to meet the challenges and problems that life is posing all the time in its very living. Therefore a dry intellectual approach to spirituality does not bring about any real transformation in living and ironically this happens in case of most of the people who claim to be spiritual. Here an outside help from a Sadguru enables us to live really a spiritual life who transmits the understanding through his grace and divine powers.

It is really interesting to know about this science of Sadguru and shishya (disciple). A person from whom such help comes is called a Sadguru and a person who is receiving such help at the other hand is called shishya (disciple). The process of transmission of understanding takes place only when disciple is worthy to receive it. A realized soul helps the unrealized one in many deft and clever ways gradually depending on the nature (Prakruti), dedication (Samarpan) and readiness of the disciple.

The journey of life is very arduous with its pleasures and pains. It is very easy to get carried away with worldly sensual temptations that keep us away all the time from the eternal joy and bliss that life offers. A realized soul (Sadguru) who has gone through all the intricacies of inner journey is always there to guide and very eager to take a disciple in the region of Truth, Joy and Freedom.