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Introduction in Gujarati

orga1(Registration no. E/2851, Jamnagar under Bombay Public Trust Act and having as per section 80G(5) exemption certificate under Indian Income Tax Act) is a non-profit organisational body formed for the Satsang activities in an organised way and to carry out spiritual, cultural, social, humanitarian, environmental and many more activities visualised by Sadguru Jentiram Bapa. Few of them elaborated below : –

  • Construction of Community Kitchens, Schools, Hostels, Libraries, Gardens, Planting Trees, Medical-Aid Centres, Gaushalas and other amenities of social relevance without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion for children and adults to help them in character building and developing human qualities like morality, honesty etc., which strengthens the spiritual and ethical aspects of life;
  • Saint Shree Jentiram Bapa has a high reverence for Saints and their literatures and would love to patronise the publication of selective out of print books or republication of such spiritual literature with innovative approach. He also intends to encourage the publication work of less known/unknown Saints and publications of their biographies and teachings etc;


  • Organising daily Satsang by P. P. Bapa in places where he is available at a particular time and elsewhere in villages, towns and cities in India and abroad. Also organising daily or weekly Satsang in small groups even without physical presence of Param Pujya Bapa as guided by him;
  • To undertake the publication work i.e. Publishing Param Pujya Bapa’s talks and Satsang, his dialogues with seekers & admirers, Collection of Param Pujya Bapa’s self-written Bhajans etc;

Recording of Param Pujya Bapa’s discourses, Satsangs & Bhajans into Audio, Videotapes & CDs / VCDs / DVDs etc., and making them available to people at large, also for the purpose of broadcasting on Radio, telecasting on popular T.V Channels & Cable Networks etc.

  • A dream project by this organisation is in the offing!

Land has been purchased in village Ghunada, Janmabhoomi (Birthplace) and Karmabhoomi (Sphere of activities) of Param Pujya Jentiram Bapa to materialise a project of building up an Ashram complex viz “Sat Purandham” in 4 acres of area to give shape to all the dream activities under one roof as per tentatively prepared blueprint. The Ashram complex will have…

  • Abode (Kutir) for Param Pujya Jentiram Bapa;
  • Satsang & Meditation Hall / Auditorium;
  • Round the clock Kitchen for visitors & residents;
  • Guest Rooms for visitors coming from outstation for Satsang & Darshan;
  • Well-equipped Recording Room;
  • Small Printing Press with primary facilities;
  • Library, Reading Room;
  • Gymnasium, Health Centre & Garden and many other activities …
  • Well-equipped Gaushala complex has started functioning ;

The idea of shaping this Organization in this way is to spread the message of GURU DHARMA. i.e. worshipping the living Sadguru who eases the path of self-realisation which is the only hope for the seekers. This organisational activities are also intended to evolve and encourage Seva Dharma (Religion of Service) in devotees.