religion1The life is meant for Enlightenment.

Fame, Name, Status… are immaterial in the Spiritual World.

To make people think about their self-realisation and actually seeing it by understandingNij-Panth (a spritiual path of Saints leading to reunion of the Soul with the Creator)perpetual universal religion i.e.Guru Dharma, a path of attaining Moksha / Mukti. Emancipation through Guru Bhakti and intense Devotion (selfless service). The Guru and Sanatandharma go together.

The real purpose of living is to re-connect with our inner being. That is to re-gain our lost identity as a soul and to bring about the profound peace that is not dependent on life’s circumstances. This experience is the source of inner joy and understanding that the humanity craves. Only a Sadguru can takes us to that state.

Spirituality is all about recognition that our true self is purely a soul (Atma) and when we realize this, we see our oneness with God (Parmatma).

Celebrate life through Spiritualism.

Becoming a disciple of Sadguru (living Master) does not mean changing one’s culture, clothings or customs. In fact one lives in society and family with best of his abilities, fulfilling worldly duties with a loving devotion and makes positive impact on the people around him thereby sharing his art of living and wisdom.

SADGURU is disciples companion on inner journey back to his true home.

Sant Jentiram Bapa’s teaching is based on age-old Master-disciple (Guru-shishya) tradition and is called Guru Dharma, a well accepted concept in the East and now making its way in the West too. Most of the Indian Scriptures are written in form of Guru-Shishya dialogues like Lord Krishna’s Bhagwad Geeta and many more.

The true purpose of life is to reconnect with our soul. Life’s supreme goal – the achievement to which all Saints, Prophets and Mystics summon us – is to regain our lost identity as a Soul. From this experience flows a peace that is not dependent on life’s circumstances – a profound peace that is eternal. This experience is the true source of the happiness that we all crave since ages..

Nij-Panth / Guru Dharma is the surest way to spiritual growth. This goal is not metaphorical or based on feelings or suppositions. It is as a matter of personal verifiable experience. The technique taught by Sadguru leads to a progressive unfolding of the higher self with concrete goals and milestones along the way. The practice does not require rigorous physical postures, special breathing exercises or an extreme way of life. It is a natural method that can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, health, education or religion.

religion2Guru Dharma is quite simple to understand and easiest to follow. Each individual is openly or secretly craving for the ultimate understanding and joy of life, without which life is miserable and meaningless. Now, Guru is someone who has realised the supreme understanding and out of compassion, wants to pass on gradually to the disciples through every possible way like through his words, silence, gestures, look, remembrance, living together or by his sheer presence or just sitting by his side. The disciple also remains surrendered/Aadhin and obedient/Aagnapalak and is committed to Sadguru’s service/Seva and his Work/Karya unconditionally in utter honesty and humility . This process of transmitting (passing on) surfaces the real / original self of a disciple and brings about the transformation and self-knowledge thereby liberating him.

While growing in Spiritually, we are to fulfill our obligations to our family, our jobs and to the world with loving devotion. We should share with others and make a positive contribution to people at large.

It is a simple science of lighted candle lighting up unlit candles by sheer proximity. The whole process is just a wonder and purely a first-hand experience for the disciple.

religion3Sant Jentiram Bapa is one such self-realised Sadguru. He is worth a visit or a Satsang session. Param Pujya Bapa’s mission is to light thousands of candles of self-realisation.

“Mool Dhyaan Guru Roop Hai, Mool Pooja Guru Paun
  Mool Naam Guru Vachan Hai, Mool Satya Satbhaav…”

The best object for Meditation is Guru, The most Sacred form of Worship is the Worship of the feet of the Guru.
The nectarous preaching of a Guru help one has knowledge of the True Name and the ultimate curiosity helps one identify himself with Truth.
i.e. It is only Guru who is everything for a devoted disciple

Learn to Accept and Apply.