sadguru1A Sadguru is an embodiment of wisdom, i.e. Pragna. He not only preaches, he awakens. He is like an alarm, who wakes us up from our sleep. So one gets annoyed with him. Nobody loves the person who disturbs one snoring. But Sadguru ignores such behaviour from Seeker and extends his hand in the dark valley to help him come out from it.

When seeker understands the compassion of a Sadguru, he can’t hold his tears. He feels that only Sadguru shares a platonic love. Nobody else can dare to reach that height. The Sadguru i.e. the Master’s greatness is unparallel, unmatched and beyond expression.

sadguru2Sadguru doesn’t make miracles. He is a miracle. To live in a body without desires      itself is great miracle. The Master is embodied without any desire, ambition, attachment & wish. It is very difficult to remain in the body without having any desire. Therefore we call Sadguru – a “Karuna Murti” This is a real compassion.

Sadguru doesn’t want anything in return. He only shares and showers his grace without expecting anything from us. What we can offer him when he has achieved the ultimate. There is nothing more to achieve so we cannot give him anything in return because he needs nothing.

Therefore Sant Kabir Says in a Sakhi:

“Guru Ko Manush Janate, Te Nar Kahiye Aandh
  Hoy Dukhi Sansar Mein, Aage Jam Ka Fand.”

sadguru3Therefore never consider the Sadguru as an ordinary human being. Those who can see only his body are really blind. They cannot understand his compassion. The Sadguru brings salvation to those who surrender. It doesn’t mean that he is selfish and wants to liberate only his disciples but the irony is that he showers on all but only disciples can receive his prasad whose vessel is open and straight.

The living Master (Sadguru) has completed the eternal journey and can connect the disciple with his inner being.

Sadguru is the Bestower of Divine Light and Divine Word (Name of God) within Soul when you speak this word then you have Key of Life.

A Sadguru is a Sadguru; he cannot be compared with anyone and holds the ultimate place in the Universe.

The Sadguru is not different from the Supreme Being. This is the Truth and this is Beyond Doubt the Truth, the Absolute.

The Sadguru is not a person but a phenomenon.

“Everything below it.”

How to find a real Master? You have to have a deep thirst for the TRUTH. Once your thirst is matured, the Sadguru appears before you. You need not search him. How can you? You are blind. You are ignorant. How you can judge whether this person is a real or a fake?

sadguru4A true Sadguru is one who is living according to his own spontaneity. There is no difference in what he preaches and what he practices. Therefore a real Sadguru never gives a wooden stick to his disciples but he opens up his eyes by great surgery. Usually a genuine Sadguru acts out of obedience and order of his Sadguru based on Guru-shishya tradition. He gives a divine vision to his shishya (disciple) so that he can find his path by his own eyesight and inner voice. Then he can easily judge the difference between truth and falsehood. As a result, the seeker is filled with awareness, alertness and bliss. A real wisdom starts radiating from within.

Kabir Saheb extended guidelines for Master in a beautiful manner.

“Guru Lobhi, Shishya Lalchi, Dono Khele Dav,
  Dono Bude Bapure, Chadi Patther ki Nav.”

When the Guru and disciple are fake, greedy and selfish there is always exploitation of each other. It is a part of market place. Two beggars are meeting and asking each other to offer something or the other. In other terms, this is like one blind guiding another blind. Result? Both will fall in a valley and suffer. A fake Guru is lost in darkness and Illusion and he offers the same to his followers. Then both are drown in the well of illusion – Maya. They will remain entangled in Maya forever.

“Guru Saman Data Nahin, Yaachak Shishya Saman.
  Teen Lok ki Sampada, So Guru Dinhi Daan”

There is no benefactor like Master and no supplicant like disciple. The Master fills him with TRUTH, a precious knowledge of three worlds. It is the ultimate treasure.

“Guru Paras ko Antaro, Jaanat hai Sab Sant     
        Vah Loha Kanchan Kare, Ye Kari Ley Mahant”         

The Sadguru is not only a touchstone (Parasmani) but also above it. A touchstone transforms a piece of iron into pure gold but he cannot make him a touchstone while Sadguru’s compassion is so great that he transforms the disciple into an enlightened one means he can make him like his own self.

“Kabira Hari ke Roothate, Guru ke Sharanai Jaay
Kahain Kabir Guru Roothate, Hari Nahin hot Sahay”

Generally, we never realise the light of the Sadguru. In a way we are blind towards his greatness. Saint Kabir places Sadguru before the God. Why? Because one may feel protected with Sadguru, if God is angry with the disciple but, if Sadguru is in anger, if he is displeased with you then even God cannot protect you. So Sadguru is greater than the God himself. Therefore Sahajobai sings: “Hari ko Taju Par, Guru Na Taju” means “I may leave the God but, I cannot leave my Sadguru.”

The Master is not a person but a divinity personified. The Master is not a person; He is a presence. One has to feel it. The Master is a Catalytic Agent. He does nothing but his presence is unavoidable, is must for an event to happen. Two unit of Hydrogen and one unit of Oxygen cannot make one drop of water i.e. H2O unless the electricity passes through them. Though electricity is not consumed there, but its presence is required. Such is the role of the Sadguru.

The authentic Sadguru not only preaches. He always shares his vision with us. He has no dogmas, no principles, no philosophies, no doctrines, no utopias but a clear – cut vision and a transparent vision.

The Master is a mobile Enlightenment. His each and every gesture is a SAMADHI His every act is full of SAT-CHIT-ANAND. His presence is SATYAM-SHIVAM-SUNDARAM.


  • Sadguru is disciples companion on inner journey back to his true home.
  • A Sadguru is one in whose presence doubts dissolve, confusions clear, hurts heal, the mind-finds peace and people find valid answers to life’s toughest questions.
  • The Sadguru is a Bridge between the Almighty and us i.e. Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.
  • The Sadguru is like a Kaamdhenu cow, a Kalpa-Vriksha, a Chintamani (which fulfils our wishes on the spot.)
  • Sadguru is not the one who has achieved something but one who came to realise that there is nothing to be achieved.
  • The Sadguru is Ahetukdayasindhu the ocean of mercy without any motive.
  • The Sadguru’s supreme form is pure nectar to the eye of discrimination. Just as a blind man cannot see the sunrise, an unfortunate person cannot perceive the Sadguru’s glory.
  • The Sadguru is Unique/Anupam and undiscribable/Avarnaniya
  • Lord Shiva him-self conveyed to his consort, Goddess Parvati, a fund of knowledge and wisdom about the Guru in Guru-Geeta.Three adhyaya/chapters, in the latter part of Skandpuran, one of the most widely read of the eighteen Purans written by Sage Ved Vyas, also referred to reverentially as Vyas Bhagwan.

A very famous Shloka reads: –

Asit Giri Samamsyat Kajjalam Sindhupatre,
Surtaruvar Shakha Lekhini Patramurvi |
Likhiti Yadi Gruhitva Sharada Sarvakalam,
Tadyapi Tav Gunanamish Paaram Na Yaati ||

Oh Sadguru! Even if  Maa Saraswati keeps on writing forever (Anant kal) on the leaves of all the trees about you and your virtues, she can not do so even with a help of a pen (kalam) made of all the mountains and ink (syahi) made of all sea waters of this earth. Such is your greatness!

GururBrahma, GururVishnu Gururdevo Maheshwarah I
Guruh Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai ShreeGurave Namah II

The guru is Brahama, He is Vishnu, He is Shiva; The Guru is indeed Parabrahma, the supreme Absolute. Salutation to Him.

DhyanMulam GurorMurti, PoojaMulam GurorPadam I
MantraMulam GurorVakyam, MokshaMulam GurorKrupa II

The root of meditation is the Guru’s form; The root of worship is the Guru’s feet;
The root of mantra is the Guru’s word; The root of liberation is the Guru’s Grace.

We pray that such Sadguru chooses you and showers his blessings on you…

                                                                                                  JE BHAGWAN !
                                                                                       JAY SATGURU SAHEB !