Quotes / Words of Wisdom

“Satguru Sam Koi Nahin, Sat Dwip Nou Khand,
Teen Lok Na Paaiye, Aru Ikkis Brahmand….”

There is none parallel to the Sadguru. He is unique in all seven islands, nine segments, 3 regions and 21 universes. The greatness of the Sadguru is above all. The great favour extended by him cannot be received from any other source.

“Satguru Mahima Anant Hai, Anant Kiya Upkar,
Lochan Anant Ughariya, Anant Dikhavan Har….”

The Sadguru’s greatness is endless, inexhaustible; this compassion is infinite and has no limit whatsoever. He not only preaches, but also shares his vision with us regarding zero experience.

“Satguru Mere Shoorma, Taki Taki Marai Teer,
Lage Pan Bhage Naheen, Aisa Das Kabir….”

My Sadguru is a true, warrior. He shoots his arrows of wisdom on the vices of his devotee. Saint Kabir says that the devotee should bear these blows positively and must not run away form him.

“Satguru Mile Ju Sab Mile, Na To Mila Na Koy,
Mat – Pita Sut Bandhava, Ye To Ghar Ghar Hoy….”

If you have Sadguru, you have all the treasures of life. Nothing is left to achieve. If one has not met the Sadguru, he is pitiable. Every home has a Father, Mother, son and daughter but you won’t find the Sadguru in each and every home. Very few are fortunate enough to have the Sadguru in their lives.

“Satguru Mila Ju Janiye, Gyan Ujala Hoy,
Bhram Ka Bhanda Todi Kari, Rahai Nirala Hoy….”

When one comes in contact with the Sadguru, he is filled with the blessing of wisdom i.e. pragya. Then all kind of darkness disappears, the vessel of maya is broken and one realises one’s true nature. If disciple has doubts, self-realization is not possible.

“Manhin Diya Nij Sab Diya, Man Ke Sang Shareer,
Ab Deve Ko Kya Raha, Yon Kath Kahahin Kabir….”

A true surrender includes both the body and the mind i.e. a total surrender body and heart function together. Then only surrender becomes complete. Saint Kabir says –“Nothing remains to surrender thereafter”.

“Kete Padhi Guni Pachi Muye, Yog Yagya Tap Lay,
Bin Satguru Pavai Nahin, Kotin Kare Upay….”

Millions of people died reading scripture and treatises. Millions are practising yoga, yagna, rituals and observing fasts. Without the true guidance of the Sadguru, zero experience is not possible. Though you practise various devices day in day out, all are in vain without the true guidance of the authentic Sadguru.

“Chit Chokha Man Nirmala, Budhi Uttam Mati Dheer,
So Dhokha Nahin Birahaheen, Satguru Mile Kabir….”

One, who has the perfect Sadguru, gets his mind and heart cleansed from all dirt. He becomes courageous. He can’t be misled by worldly illusions (Maya). Nobody can cheat him because he has a clear and transparent vision. His mind becomes pure and the intellect becomes intelligence.

“Bin Satguru Bachai Nahin, Phir Boodai Bhav Manhin,
Bhousagar Kee Tras Se, Satguru Pakade Bahin….”

The disciple can’t survive without the compassion of the Sadguru. The disciple will drown himself in vast worldly affairs. Only a true Sadguru will catch hold of him and save him from all sorrows, pain and anguish. If Sadguru holds your hand, you can move without any kind of worries and stress.

“Ja Guru Te Bhram Na Mite, Bhranti Na Jivakee Jaye,
So Guru Jhootha Janiye, Tyagat Der Na Laye….”

The so-called Guru who is unable to give transparent vision of spirituality and cannot remove one’s doubts, he is not a perfect one. He must be ignorant and may be liar. Beware of him. Get rid of him immediately and save your precious life. Don’t waste your time and energy.

“Jin Dhoondha Tin Paiyan, Gahire Pani Paith,
Main Bapura Boodan Dara, Raha Kinare Baith….”

Those who fear drowning cannot jump into the ocean of spirituality and can’t get pearls and gems. But those who are courageous enough to dive in the depth of ocean would certainly get pearls and gems in the form of the Sadguru.
Kabirji says that one who is fearful of drowning simply sits near the bank, can not get anything and remains empty handed.
So for a seeker courage is a must. He should be ready to move in a uncharted path. Therefore the gamblers who travel with insecurity are ultimate winners. Shopkeepers and calculators will remain empty handed.

“Guru Keejai Jani Ke, Panee Peejai Chhani,
Bina Bichare Guru Kare, Parai Chaurasi Khani….”

One should be aware and alert while selecting the Sadguru and through verification one should come to a conclusion. Just as we take precaution while drinking water that it should be filtered, clean and without any dust and pollution to save ourselves from contamination.
If one selects a so-called Guru who is ignorant and selfish, a seeker again goes through a cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and the whole life is a just a misleading affair for the disciple/seeker.

“Kabir Soyee Din Bhala, Jaa Din Sadhu Milay,
Ank Bhare Bhari Bhetiye, Paap Shareera Jay….”

The Day one comes in contact with Sadguru, it is considered to be a best and auspicious day. No matter what day it is. One should not hesitate while meeting Sadguru and should meet him with complete devotion and offer his services to the fullest to him. This helps him overcome all the sinful deeds of the past.

“Kabir Darshan Sadhu Ka, Bade Bhag Darshay,
Jo Hovai soolee Saja, kaante yee Tari Jay….”

It is with one’s fortunate deeds of the past that one comes in contact with Sadguru. At such time if one is going to get hurt, the pain is minimised with the blessings of Sadguru. i.e. the painful and complicated problems will have the lowest effect by Sadguru’s grace.

“In Atakaya Na Ruke, Sadhu Darash ko Jay,
Kabir Soyee Sant Jan, Moksha Mukti Phal Pay….”

Kabirji says, a saintly person cannot be prevented by any worldly hindrances and compulsions from going to Saints to meet them for Darshan or Satsang and further says that they are the real Saints and enjoy the fruits of liberation & freedom.

“Sadhu Shabda Samudra Hai, Jaamein Ratan Bharay,
Mand Bhag Muththi Bharai, Kankar Hath Lagay….”

A Saint is a sea of self-knowledge like an ocean full of precious gems of virtue but the ignorant ones only get a fist-full of worthless stones meaning thereby the unfortunate ones do not know how to be benefited by the Saint’s presence and company to get the real gems of life.

“Sadhu Mile Yeh Sab Talai, Kal-Jal Jam Chot,
Sheesh Navavat Dhahin Parai Agh Papan Ke Pot….”

On meeting a Saint all the worldly attachments, fear of death and all the distresses come to an end. And bowing before him (surrendering to him) frees oneself from all his sins and wrongs and thereafter a fruitful life begins for him

“Sarvar Tarvar Sant Jan, Aur Chautha Barase Meh,
Parmarath Ke Karane Charon Dharee Deh….”

Trees, Ponds, Rainfalls and Saints are qualitatively the same as they exist for the welfare of others. Pond quenches the thirst of others. Tree gives cool shade, fruit and flower. Rain gives water to the earth and humanity. In the same manner Saints are born for liberating other human beings from their sorrows and sufferings through their grace.

“Guru Bin Mala Pherate, Guru Bin Dete Dan,
Guru Bin Sab Nisphal Gaya, Puchhou Ved Puran….”

Without the true knowledge imparted by a Sadguru, counting beads and making charities bear no meaning. One may confirm it from the Vedas and ancient teachings.

“Shukdev Sarika Pheriya, To Ko Pavai Par,
Guru Bin Nigura Jo Rahai, Padai Chaurasi Dhar….”

A born Yogi and knowledgeable person like Shukdev also deviated from the right path because he had no Sadguru, so how can the ordinary ones cross the ocean-like world without a Sadguru. That is no matter how knowledgeable one may become, but without a Sadguru he has to continue in the life and death cycle of the material world.

“Mata – Pita Sut Eestaree, Aalas Bandhu Kani,
Sadhu Darash Ko Jay Chalai, Ye Atakawai Khani….”

Family members like parents, sons, wife, brothers and the near and dear ones are usually hindrances when one is attracted to a Sadguru. Our own ego of status and laziness are also impediments that prevent us from meeting a Sadguru.

Spirituality means love in action. It means enjoying our spiritual riches and sharing them with all we meet. We can learn to balance our spiritual practices with our worldly responsibilities, enjoying the fruits within ourselves and sharing our gifts with humanity.

– Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj